Afternoon Tea in the Crypt

At the Pottle Centre, our focus is on recreational and social events! We really try to be involved in our community. This summer we made a few trips to the Anglican Cathedral where we had afternoon tea in the Crypt. It’s a neat place to spend an afternoon, it’s cool and nicely decorated. The event takes place afternoons beginning at 2 pm in the summer months. Depending on the amount of volunteers available, they sometimes offer it for longer periods than others. This year we went three different times. We had a choice of tea or coffee or refreshing lemonade! Then the food includes plates of various breads including scones and tea biscuits and loafs such as banana bread and cinnamon loaf and served with butter, jams and cream! Next up, there are cookies then the best part-tarts, a dainty pastry filled with jam and topped with fresh cream.  All the goodies are made by volunteers within the church and they do a fantastic job. We highly recommend you go there if you have the opportunity and for members of the Pottle Centre, hopefully you join us next year!