Programs & Activities

The Pottle Centre provides an array of programs and activities designed to enrich the lives of members, run by staff and volunteers.

Our activities belong to various programs that are made possible by grants and donations:

Culture, Sport, Art and Play

  • Bowling
  • Arts Sessions
  • movie theatre
  • mini golf
  • picnics
  • visits to local areas of interest such as museums and parks,

Get Fit

  • gym sessions
  • swimming
  • yoga
  • walking group

Nourish Food Program

  • Lunch and Learn
  • meals provided
  • emergency groceries

In-House Wellness

  • Bingo
  • Card games
  • Board games
  • movies
  • crafting
  • support groups
  • nurse visits
  • journaling

Various areas of the Centre allow members to move around and to choose their level of participation in our activities and programs. Members may prefer to relax or do something not on the schedule such as having a coffee and a chat, listening to some music, using our phone, computers or TV.