The Pottle Centre is a contracted service of Eastern Health. While this is the largest portion of our funding, we still rely on generosity of community partners, grants that are made available to non profit organizations, like us, as well as private donations.

In 2012, we received a grant from the St. John’s Ice Caps Foundation. It was for a program called Culture, Sport and Play. the grant enabled us to continue activities outside of the centre. The idea for the program was born from the fact that activities around town are sometimes free but sometimes they are not and a lot of activities are much more pleasant to attend when a person is not alone. In 2012, we also received a grant from United Way of Newfoundland and Labrador to rebrand the Centre. That grant enabled us to produce this website along with a brochure, a poster, signage, business cards and letterhead. We are so very grateful for the help of United Way of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Pottle Centre would also like to thank the ongoing support of our Community Partners:

  • United Way
  • The Rotary Club
  • The City of St. John’s
  • Gower Street United Church