Bowring Park

We got crafty here at The Pottle Centre this summer! Throughout July and August, we had a number of rock painting sessions where we painted all kinds of things! We painted M&Ms, ladybugs, fruit, unicorns, song lyrics and so much more. Rock painting has become a big summer trend all over Newfoundland, people enjoy painting rocks and then hiding them in local parks and trails for others to find and enjoy – and that’s exactly what we did! After we had all our rocks painted and sprayed clear, we went to Bowring Park to feed the ducks at the duck pond and hide our rock creations! The ducks at the pond were very happy to see us with our duck food, but maybe not as much as the pigeons were – some members even had pigeons perched on their hands! We went for a stroll in the trails where we hid our rocks in flowerbeds, in trees, in bushes and we even found some rocks along with way. The weather was beautiful and it was exciting to think about someone else finding our painted rocks and then re-hiding them.