During COVID-19, many people struggled with their mental health as there were not many resources readily available to those who needed it, or they were frankly unaware of what was accessible while in quarantine. This pandemic has resulted in many new changes that a lot of people were not ready for as there was no time to prepare, it had seemed although the world changed overnight. Many people may feel although they are not in control of things and it is normal to feel this way as the world is changing everyday and new rules are being implemented. It is normal for people to feel sad, stressed, scared, and/or worried but as Newfoundland and Labrador has decreased in the phase levels, the Pottle Centre has re-opened with the proper procedures in place in order to make sure the members are being protected from the spread of COVID-19. 

While the members are only allowed to visit for half day sessions, each week there is a full, activity-packed schedule which the members can indulge in and choose which activities they would like to participate in, a big hit at the Centre is arts and crafts! The Pottle Centre also organizes weather-permitting outings, such as going to the park or mini golf, as well as outings such as bowling. Getting out of the house and participating in these outings and the other daily activities that the Centre has to offer is very beneficial to one’s mental health as sometimes just doing a simple journaling session can improve your day. While it is important to remain physically distant from one another, the Pottle Centre allows the members to be mindful of the positive things in life, such as playing a game of bingo with others or watching a movie, even during this absurd period of time.