Join us for Defeat Depression May 30, 2020

Last year we partnered with the Mood Disorders Society of Canada to bring Defeat Depression back to St. John’s. The Defeat Depression campaign is a national fundraising campaign. We were so successful last year that it was a no brainer that we would do it again this year. We formed a great committee and we brainstormed so many great ideas that we were going to make this year an even bigger and better event than last year- we were going to have cake!

Then came the Corona Virus and soon after it was Covid-19. In the early days of the Pandemic, Defeat Depression was considering what to do about the event and decided that all events across Canada would become virtual. In St. John’s, we continued to think about an in-person event. We wanted to still offer a big event and it would be the first celebration of the year for The Pottle Centre’s 40th Anniversary- it was meant to be a walk or run but a party, a celebration and a time to recognize mental illness for what it is- a part of many people’s lives.

We have had to make the difficult decision to not proceed with an in-person event and this comes from a place of caring. Now like all the other events, we have now switched to a virtual event and we hope our supporters will still register and help much needed funds to be raised for The Pottle Centre. This year you choose how, when and where you complete your Defeat Depression Challenge. You can run, jog, ride a bike, walk or get creative with how you want to get your body moving. We do hope though that you will post videos and photos of yourself doing your thing! We have social media and would love for you to make us part of your celebration! Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and use hashtags as well.

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To register or make a donation to St. John’s Defeat Depression event: