Reflections on being a Summer Student at the Pottle Centre

Hello everyone!

Firstly, to introduce myself, my name is Sophie and I was a summer student at The Pottle Centre from June through August! I’m a third-year student at Memorial University and I specialize in social sciences. As the summer and my position are coming to a close, I thought it might be nice to reflect on my time here at the Centre. Before I started my position with The Pottle Centre, I actually volunteered here for a while, and so when I saw that we were hiring a summer position, I knew I had to apply as I had really enjoyed the volunteer work I was doing. My summer at The Pottle Centre has been absolutely wonderful! I met some amazing people along the way and learned a plethora of new skills that I will carry with me into whatever career I end up going into after school. My favourite activity that we do here at the Centre would probably have to be our ‘Create Sessions!’ In create sessions, we do all kinds of fun arts and crafts that span a multitude of mediums – painting, drawing, clay modelling, card-making and more! One week, we painted rocks that we would later hide in Bowring Park and I think I’d have to say that that was my favourite craft we did this summer. It was very nice for all of us, staff and members alike, to get together and just sit, paint and chat for awhile! My favourite outing we did throughout the summer was the Crypt Tea Room at the Anglican Cathedral! I was lucky as we actually ended up getting to do this outing a number of different times – the treats and tea were always so delicious and overall it was a great way to spend the afternoon. Above all, my favourite part about being a summer student at The Pottle Centre was getting to meet all of our wonderful members!