Steeped Tea Fund Raising Event

The Pottle Centre is selling Steeped Tea as a fund raising event. Steeped Tea is a Canadian Company that specializes in unique tea blends as well as accessories. It is not sold in stores but typically, a person will host a party at their own home and a rep from Steeped Tea will provide samples and the party guests then have an opportunity to order what they desire. Our rep is Alisa Humber Cutler and she can be reached through her Face Book Page Steeped Tea with Alisa.

We are a charity and so we can have  a fund raiser, in conjunction with Steeped Tea. We are selling selected items at a price of $12.00 each. We have 3 flavours each of black, green, rooibos and fruit teas as well as two different infusers or a packet of tea sacks. These items have been selected specifically for fund raising events that charities like us, will hold.

The flavours include:

Black Tea:

After Eight

Earl Grey de la Creme

English breakfast

Green Tea:

Sweet Pineapple Sencha

Tart Granny Green Apple

Lemon Chiffon

Rooibos Teas:

Power Berry

Razzle Dazzle Raspberry

Pina Colada

Fruit Teas:

Berry Mania

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Pineapple Orange Cooler

If you wish to order an item or two or ten, just get in touch with us. We have to have your payment before the order is placed. The party closes on Monday (May 9) as the order will be placed that evening.