Trivia Night Success

In June, we hosted a Trivia Night. It was the first time we tried this type of event and of course it was meant to be a fund raising event as well as a means to create a deeper awareness of who we are as an Organization and what we do.
Our event took place at the Knights of Columbus on St. Clare Avenue. It really is a great venue if you are looking for a spot to hold an event. The staff were easy to work with and very helpful the day of the event. There’s lots of parking available, it’s accessible and it’s centre city so it makes it convenient for many people.
The event took a lot of preparation since we did have some other events planned to take place during the Trivia Night. We had canvassed for donations that could be used a silent auction and for a series of bucket draws. We had a small group of volunteers who made phone calls in search of donations and they did a great job, we are so grateful for all the help. The businesses here in St. John’s were so generous to us and we are delighted that we were in receipt of such nice things!
Our Trivia Night was hosted by Christopher Pickard. Chris has been hosting trivia at Yellowbelly for many years and he really is a master! He created all the questions for the evening and he did such great job! Of course we had lots of tough questions, once we knew the answer, we did a face-palm and said “doh” like Homer Simpson and because the questions were so varied, some were easy and lots were really funny ones too! Thanks so much Chris for your hosting skills!
For all the people who came to the event, we are eternally grateful for your support- whether you love trivia or you came to support us specifically because you like what we do, we were delighted to have you as our guests. We hope to do this again sometime soon and we hope to get an even bigger group together!
Congratulations to our top team, players from Waterworks Communications, they called their team “Pick Our Name and We Will Give you $10”. Runners up were a group of friends, who regularly play trivia, “The Shitty Beatles”. We gave a prize also for best name, a group of 3 women who called themselves, “The Hotflashes”.
Hope to see you next time!