United Way provides funding for “Get Fit”

In 2014, The Pottle Centre applied to United Way of Newfoundland and Labrador for funding to use for a brand spanking new program called “Get Fit”.  We found out that we were successful in the application process and so in January 2015, we began the program and so right now we attend a local gym twice per week. The participants can work out and go at their own pace. We have a few people who have become regulars to this event and others who join us now and then. There isn’t a waiting list for the program at this time however any person wanting to take part in the “Get Fit” program must first become a member of the Pottle Centre.

We plan on adding other fitness activities throughout the next year and this month, we will partner with Cindy Butt of Far Out Fitness. Cindy offers classes in yoga, kettle bells and hooping, to name a few.

We are grateful too for our partnership  with a local charity called “One Step Shoe Recycling” who donated shoes to us so that our members could have proper footwear- at the gym, you must wear indoor soft soled shoes, that can and has been a barrier for some of our participants who are on a fixed income.

We are delighted to have this addition to our scheduling at the centre, one of the participants said, “It give me great comfort to know I am taking care of my body”. You can’t get better feedback than that!

For more information about this program or any others, please contact us at the Pottle Centre.