At the beginning of July, Julia and Shelby M. began our summer student experience at the Pottle Centre. The welcoming atmosphere was created at the door from the moment we walked in as the full time staff, Leanne and Shelby R., made us feel at home and like a part of the team. 

Every week there were new excursions, new memories, new tasks to tackle, and of course, new things to learn. This summer at the Pottle Centre was full of bonding with the members and the staff, while gaining fulfilling and relevant experience that we will continue to use in our everyday lives.

The Pottle Centre is an excellent resource for adults who struggle with mental illness and addiction. The weekly schedule is full of fun activities that allow the members to socialize and have an enjoyable time. Shelby R., the wellness coordinator at the Centre, has allowed us to team with her in the organization and planning of recreational activities which we then all ventured on. This allowed us to make positive connections with the members and Shelby while doing activities, which in turn, can benefit everybody’s mental health. These excursions taught us many valuable things in the process, such as valuable communication and leadership skills, and most importantly how to make the most of everyday experiencences. The memories of these events will stick with us forever, whether it be watching the many strikes that happen during bowing, watching the members get a hole in one at mini golf, or just seeing the joy that happens during bingo or arts and crafts, we will never forget how much fun we had. Oh and we got to play with dogs so that always a bonus!

While the members weren’t at the Centre, Leanne and Shelby R. us new recipes to cook and other valuable lessons that are able to be effective in life outside of the Pottle Centre. Leanne allowed us to dive into the social media outlet for the Centre. We learned how important it is to share and elaborate what events would be on the weekly schedule to an extended audience than just the regular day-to-day members. Sharing these details on social media helps the Centre grow and creates a more rewarding experience for both us, the staff, and the members who join us.

The uplifting, accepting, and non judgemental environment that is present at the Pottle Centre makes this place an excellent atmosphere to work in and we. have truly enjoyed our time here. If we could stay all year we definitely would and we will definitely be back at anychance we get. Leanne and Shelby R. are wonderful, lovely, and caring individuals who provide the absolute best for everybody who attends the Centre and spending this summer with them has been a very rewarding experience. Thank you to all the members that made this such a phenomenal summer for us and we hope you enjoyed it too.

Julia and Shelby M.